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Message 15812 - Posted 12 May 2011 8:38:58 UTC

    Last modified: 12 May 2011 8:41:30 UTC

    Dear users,

    Yesterday I started a batch of 6336 workunits on openMalariaBeta with names like wuVC-MSAT3_*_*. We wanted to get results back soon, so I set the delay-bound to 5 hours. In theory this should be enough to run the work-units, but as has been pointed out, this causes BOINC to use high-priority scheduling, delaying other tasks present. I have now increased the delay-bound to 25 hours for the remaining 5000 or so tasks as a compromise between rapid turn-around and less aggressive scheduling.

    It should also be noted that a quarter of these tasks are failing due to a typo in the design of this experiment. I must say I'm sorry for rushing these off with so little testing; in any case I'll cancel and re-submit these broken scenarios very soon!

    Thanks for your understanding!

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    Message 15815 - Posted 12 May 2011 11:50:13 UTC - in response to Message 15812.

      Thanks hardy. I can confirm that the longer deadline has stopped BOINC from immediately running the tasks in high priority mode on my Q6600.
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