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Grutte Pier [Wa Oars]~MAB The Frisian
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I would like to use this page to check the pending wu's but it doesn't show anything usefull on my screen.
Is it possible to make it work and otherwise delete it.

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Good request :)

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This page is used to check the workunit with "Pending credit". It includes all the workunits which you have been reported to the server with a validation state:
- "Initial" : mean we only got one result back for the moment and waiting another one to validate the result
- "Inconclusive" : another workunit have been reported but with differents results so we're waiting another one to compared those two results.

If you don't see anything maybe it's because you don't have workunits matching the condition.

Michael :)
Michael Tarantino
Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute

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