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Michael Gallias
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I'm using BOINC 6.10.58, running malariaControl openMalariaA 6.52 and other projects. If I reboot while a malariaControl WU is running, it completes the WU but the result is always invalid. (If I don't reboot during such a WU, I almost always get a valid result.) I've tested this on two systems, one XP 32bit one Windows 7 64bit, and consistently get the same problem. I don't have this problem on any other project, only malariaControl.

Does anyone else have this problem?


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Not sure why you do this without first suspending all BOINC processing.....

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Not sure why you do this without first suspending all BOINC processing.....

I too always shut down Boinc before a reboot.

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That's just really weird and totally impractical. I've installed it on my dads pc too and now way I'm going to try to explain to him that he first has to shut down that program before he can switch off his pc.

Can't say I've noticed this problem though. Because as said, I have a pc that does this regularly and nothing seems to go awry.

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Hi Michael

Sounds like the checkpointing isn't working correctly; weird. Can you try the following please?

1. Under "preferences", "disk and memory usage", make sure "leave applications in memory while suspended" is not checked. (Only important for testing.)
2. Manually suspend a work-unit (or several) and see whether they complete succesfully (checkpointing should happen as with a reboot, when the above option is off).
3. Reset the project (this will re-download the executable) and try the above again.

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