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Some good news to start this update: the proposal we submitted to the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation for the extension of our malaria modelling project was accepted, which means that we can continue our work on the study of the impact of malaria control interventions. The next project phase will allow us to continue the study of a number of possible approaches to fight malaria, but will in particular focus on the evaluation of novel vector control interventions (these are interventions that target the mosquitoes that transmit the disease from human to human).

Some of the necessary adaptations in the simulation software have already been implemented, and are part of openMalaria version 6.57, which is our current test release.

There were two more scientific articles published that report on simulation studies we could do with your support. If you are interested in the results that come out of, please visit the page on the BOINC website, where we keep a list of publications that made use of We keep updating this, and will soon be able to add a few more papers that have been reviewed and accepted for publication. This page also lists the outputs of other BOINC projects, and therefore provides a useful guide to which projects you may consider supporting.

Thank you for your continued support,
Nicolas Maire
Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute

John C MacAlister
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Hi, Nick:

Many thanks for the June report. I have remarked in other forums that, being a simple retired accountant, my understanding of the scientific and medical issues are necessarily limited. However, I greatly appreciate the fact that certain published work acknowledges the contribution we volunteers make to humanitarian research. I am not looking for thanks, but having spent a not inconsiderable amount on two computers dedicated to research, I like to see my contribution acknowledged. Your June report provided my needed confirmation of the utility of volunteer input to malaria research.

BTW, I have 228,100 credits in addition to those reported here: I messed up by having two accounts in error.

Thanks, again!


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