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Edu Fontana
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Sirs, What can I do ? I have 9 download failed on my workbox for about a week. Tks. Edu Fontana, São Paulo, Brazil.

Thyme Lawn
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The stderr output for your tasks indicate that one of the files is getting a checksum failure:


WU download error: couldn't get input files:

MD5 check failed


First thing to check is if the file exists in the project directory. It should be in /projects/ On my system that file is 141,319 bytes. If you have that file but it's a different size you should delete it to force BOINC to download it again.

If you continue to have problems you could try to find out exactly what's happening by creating the file cc_config.xml (using a plain text editor, e.g. notepad rather than wordpad) in your BOINC data directory containing the following:


In BOINC Manager's advanced view click Advanced - Read config file and the next time you get a download failure post the debug messages logged in the event log. You should then change the values in the file from 1 to 0 and reload the config file to disable the debug messages; once you've done that you can delete cc_config.xml.
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