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Jean-David Beyer
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I just started running on an old machine with CentOS 5 (new for that machine) linux kernel.

One work unit completed correctly, but then a bunch failed. Another one is currently running and has over three hours on it.

The stderr file of failing work units say stuff like this:

process exited with code 73 (0x49, -183)
Exception: numNewInfections: NaN
in ../../projects/
+0x330 OM::Host::InfectionIncidenceModel::numNewInfections(OM::Host::Human const&, double)
+0x55 OM::Host::Human::updateInfection(OM::Transmission::TransmissionModel*, double)
+0xc5 OM::Host::Human::update(OM::Population const&, OM::Transmission::TransmissionModel*, bool)
+0x12e OM::Population::update1()
+0x518 OM::Simulation::start()
+0x186 main()
in /lib/
+0xdc __libc_start_main()
../../projects/ [0x84c16f1]
OpenMalaria: No such file or directory
03:50:04 (15553): called boinc_finish


Is this a problem with the work units? Since the one work unit completed correctly, I assume the software is pretty well working. The failing work units run very few seconds.

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