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i know it is not a priority, and i know it's perhaps a little bit to early to talk about solaris in the beta-phase...
but if i had a wish... that's it :-)


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This is not planned for the immediate future, but thank you for the suggestion.
Nicolas Maire
Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute

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A Solaris SPARC or x86 version would be nice. I could help, too, since Solaris 10 is OpenSource and the Sun\'s Studio 11 and Studio 12 compilers are now free. I have a lot of hardware laying around that could be doing something useful.

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I too have available SUN hardware that is not being utilized. Yes, I realize that from a power/cost standpoint they don't seem to have much bang for the buck compared to an x86 quad core but some of us still run them anyway. Compared to x86 machines mine have lots of ram, two or more cpus and several have two xvr 1200 video boards (anyone have a CUDA like framework to utilzes them?).

I still have SGI (IRIX) machines sitting around not being utilized also.


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