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I joined on January 13th and have a Mac Pro quad running BOINC 100% all but an hour or so a day. A couple of times I\'ve noticed that it says communication delayed 24 hours when I don\'t have 24 hours worth of work units. I realize that work is created dynamically and I\'m wondering why that\'s happening. If I click update it brings down a couple of WUs.

What am I missing here ?

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The standard BOINC deferral time for no work for your platform (one word for computer and OS) is 86400 seconds, which translates to 24 hours. So when your computer asks for work and there is work, but not for your platform, you get deferred.

The deferral is done by the server side, not the client. So it\'s not something you can change.


Mark Hodges
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I\'m seeing no work available, and manually updating does ot pull work down. Is there simply no work available today?

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