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my estimated time and actual time are not even close. it will say
elapsed time 47 min 39 sev
time remaining 54 hours ...
compleated 66%
the time to compleetion will drop by minutes instead of second by second and eventually i will get this message
3/2/2008 12:51:14 PM| beta|Message from server: (won\'t finish in time) Computer on 97.1% of time, BOINC on 99.7% of that
this only started on march first

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You have run some optimizer tasks. These tasks wreck havoc out of the result duration correction factor which in turn estimates how long a task will take. You can find this number in your computer list, hostID number, bottom of the screen.

To work correctly, it should be around 1, preferably lower. Anything above 1 is giving strange readings.

This number will come down with the normal Malaria tasks you run, as each one running in less time than the estimate will reduce the RDCF by several points.
If you can\'t wait for that, you could reset the number. Check this FAQ on how to do that.


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