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OK !! the updated website and forum are GO !

So... CRUNCHERS of the world - a new team has evolved . . .

whose aim is to unite Crunching junkies from around the world. We are inviting those of you who are looking for a team whose primary goal is to crunch the heck out of our favourite projects.

We are based in Australia, and whilst our team is new, our group of founding members have been crunching for a number of years, with quite an impressive RAC for a team who has just started.

Feel free to come over and have a look at our website and forum, and we are also looking for those who wish to contribute in "productive" way, to help with ideas AND the continual process of developing and maintaing a great, interactive forum.

Our Website is HERE and the forum can be accessed from there. We also have a channel on IRC at Dalnet, where we are online basically 24/7.

So if being in a team where you have a say, your opinion is valued and we encourage each other to contribute in ALL aspects of the team... maybe you just come and have a peek.
Once you contribute in at least one project, you have access to all areas of the forum, so just join in one project, crunch away and come and say Hi

Team Recruitment Officer

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