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1) Message boards : Number crunching : No Tasks. (Message 15177)
Posted 790 days ago by Koert
Apperently it is working again so I stopped loading w.u.'s from Docking.

Will still keep an eye on the coming weekend because I hate to see my two "lappies" doing nothing :-) .

2) Message boards : Number crunching : No Tasks. (Message 15154)
Posted 792 days ago by Koert
I am also receiving new w.u. on my laptops. Will see how it works out for a while before switching Docking of. This since I can't check it for the first
fourteen hours.

Thanks for starting it up again :-) .

3) Message boards : Number crunching : No Tasks. (Message 15152)
Posted 793 days ago by Koert
Always seems to happen during the weekend. Saw it timely coming on Friday so
allowed new work from Docking which my two laptops are happyly crunching now.

When will this be solved.....starting on Monday?? A lot of time will be lost then!
4) Message boards : News : The workunits' amount to be validated has decreased... malariacontrol is now generating new workunits (at a slow rate) (Message 14858)
Posted 839 days ago by Koert

To allow the malariacontrol validator to catch up a bit (about 55'000 results are still waiting for validation), malariacontrol will not send new jobs in the next hours.


Is it possible to give an earlier warning? My two 24/7 happily crunching laptops
had nothing to "eat" for more then ten hrs before I discovered this and switched them to Docking.


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