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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Malaria Control Chump Change credit? (Message 20815)
Posted 138 days ago by hardy
Not really. Credit ratings were once based on the idea of working out how many floating point computations are done, but for many projects (including the simulator) this isn't feasible, and credits are granted based mostly on how long work-units take, with some arbitrary scale factor (see

Think of it as just an indicator of how much computing power you've donated to :-)
2) Message boards : Number crunching : crunching on a cell phone! (Message 19306)
Posted 273 days ago by hardy
Wonder if it would run on my tablet PC?

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0" (Android)

If you want to try, good luck to you! We're not ready to support Android yet.
3) Message boards : Number crunching : crunching on a cell phone! (Message 19273)
Posted 276 days ago by hardy
Indeed; ARM processors will probably be taking on the server market soon (see here for some information, though you can ignore the rediculous 15x better efficiency claim for now).

We don't currently build the malariacontrol binary for ARM, although one guy has successfully built it for his own ARM device. Right now, though, ARM support isn't high on our agenda. Not quite sure what Neil means, but Intel is still king for performance.
4) Message boards : Number crunching : Long Run Times (Message 19089)
Posted 295 days ago by hardy
Strat, you might want to read michaelT's posts above, with regards to the credits. I think he's fixing things in the DB (i.e. for past work units). The accreditation is a bit too complicated not to have something go wrong once in a while, but we try to fix things up.

As to your question Neil, a lot of the work unit generation and processing is indeed automatic. But starting new runs like the ones which turned out problematic is not, and we definitely keep an eye on them!
5) Message boards : Unix/Linux : What does "No shared memory segment" signify ?? (Message 18067)
Posted 386 days ago by hardy
No shared memory segment must mean the work-unit and the BOINC manager can't communicate. Do as the message says — i.e. if this doesn't usually happen don't worry about it, and if it keeps happening, reset the project.
6) Message boards : Malaria Control : GO Fight Against Malaria (new WCG project) (Message 17295)
Posted 476 days ago by hardy
Huh? Didn't know about that, but it's entirely complementary to what we do. That project is looking for new drugs (which could be very important if Artemisin resistance develops), while this project is investigating the most effective strategies for using drugs, vaccines, nets, etc. (I.e. questions like is it best to target primarily the most vulnerable — infants — or target adults too, even when they don't show symptoms, since adults are also carriers? Is it more sensible to target first areas with extremely high malaria transmission (where even if infection rates are massively reduced, children will still get infected), or areas with much lower burdens of the disease?)

To give a very bad analogy, both technology (weaponry) and strategy are important.
7) Message boards : Number crunching : Linux or Windows ? (Message 16462)
Posted 578 days ago by hardy
64-bit apps (only available on 64-bit linux for now) may be faster, but I'm not certain. We haven't checked.

If anyone wants to, the various apps can be downloaded at:

Or you can build yourself: . You can either use the test scenarios as documented on that page or download a workunit from somewhere (make sure you get a suitable version for the version of OpenMalaria you have; run "./openMalaria --version" to check which schema version a binary supports).

To make a work-unit longer/shorter you can adjust the popSize attribute.

Sorry but I don't have a lot of time right now, so if someone wants to test this that'd be great!
8) Message boards : Number crunching : Zero credit (Message 16408)
Posted 586 days ago by hardy
Oh sorry, for some reason I missed that you were pointing out something about LogPile's post! I had simply assumed they were just more examples of an issue we'd already diagnosed.
9) Message boards : Number crunching : Zero credit (Message 16400)
Posted 587 days ago by hardy
This is how the system is meant to function, right?
10) Message boards : Unix/Linux : error code 1 (Message 16391)
Posted 588 days ago by hardy
I think this was a bad batch... we corrected it but neglected to respond until now.

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