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1) Message boards : Malaria Control : FAQ: Graphics - ScreenSaver operation (Message 18748)
Posted 318 days ago by AmigaForever
Still noone of the team at the graphics/screensaver working?

That's quite sad. I really miss that one, it was one of the best and most innovative in the BOINC universe.....
2) Message boards : Cafe Africa : Word Link #1 (Message 18494)
Posted 347 days ago by AmigaForever






3) Message boards : Malaria Control : Status update December 2011 (Message 17597)
Posted 439 days ago by AmigaForever
Status update – December 2011

It’s been a very long time since we last posted an update on the progress we make with your contribution, I apologize for this.

The results and findings of the project have been reported to the scientific community at a number of international conferences by members of our research group, including the European Congress on Tropical Medicine and International Health, the Open Knowledge Conference, and the annual meeting of the Swiss Society of Tropical Medicine and Parasitology. At this time, a delegation is presenting the most recent results at the annual meeting of the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene.

One more scientific article – on the potential of case management to prevent re-establishment of malaria in areas where it has been eliminated – has just been accepted for publication. Please find a link to this on the publication list at if you want to learn more.

Finally, we are planning for an upgrade of the server hardware to host this project. Our current server has been running very reliably for more than four years, but recently we are approaching a capacity limit. Maintenance and monitoring becomes tedious, and we plan to migrate the project to new hardware in Q1 2012.

Thank you for your continued support!

Thank you very much for this update on progress! Much appreciated.

Now all you gotta do is to update the News section on the frontpage and everybody will be happy ;)

4) Message boards : Malaria Control : GO Fight Against Malaria (new WCG project) (Message 17574)
Posted 441 days ago by AmigaForever
Huh? Didn't know about that, but it's entirely complementary to what we do. That project is looking for new drugs (which could be very important if Artemisin resistance develops), while this project is investigating the most effective strategies for using drugs, vaccines, nets, etc. (I.e. questions like is it best to target primarily the most vulnerable — infants — or target adults too, even when they don't show symptoms, since adults are also carriers? Is it more sensible to target first areas with extremely high malaria transmission (where even if infection rates are massively reduced, children will still get infected), or areas with much lower burdens of the disease?)

To give a very bad analogy, both technology (weaponry) and strategy are important.

And that's exactly why I compute for both projects.
Thanks for the answer :)

BTW, you might wanna update the NEWS section of the frontpage. And don't you forget about our nice (actually non-working) MC graphics.....

And last but never least: Happy New Year to the whole MC team! :)
5) Message boards : Malaria Control : GO Fight Against Malaria (new WCG project) (Message 17284)
Posted 477 days ago by AmigaForever
Nothing yet? Come on guys, a little statement wouldn't be so hard, would it?
6) Message boards : News : Situation on back to normal (Message 17173)
Posted 490 days ago by AmigaForever
Hi guys,

not any news lately?

What about results coming out of our common research?

Thanks :)
7) Message boards : Malaria Control : GO Fight Against Malaria (new WCG project) (Message 17172)
Posted 490 days ago by AmigaForever
I am also crunching for WCG. I think it is quite likely that their new Malaria project will interfere with MalariaControl. Even though both use different approaches against the disease - and IMO MC has the far more short-term applicatory approach - many people will at least think about changing to the direct search for a new medicine against Malaria.

Therefore I really would apprechiate it if somebody here at MalariaControl would give a short statement about this issue.

Thank you.
8) Message boards : Web site : Graphics broken + message boards database error (Message 16575)
Posted 559 days ago by AmigaForever
Thread moved to website forum where website problems go.

Thanks! My fault, sorry about that.

See this thread

Well, that was about a year ago.... you really should get someone to work on the graphics. As I said before, this was one of the best IMO.

The database problem is an eroneous error, it reprots that even if you get results. Most likely your chocie jsut didn't match anything in the last 30 days whcih is the default to search, if you want more, use the advanced search.

Thanks again!
9) Message boards : Web site : Graphics broken + message boards database error (Message 16550)
Posted 563 days ago by AmigaForever
Hi MC-Team,

after quite some waiting I was wondering why the graphics of the application are broken again (!) and are still not being fixed; this was one of the best out there AFAIK, liked the flying around with the Anopheles....

Is it still a problem with the newer BOINC versions?

BTW, the search function of the message boards seem to be broken; I only get back

> Database Error

> Sorry, couldn't find anything matching your search
> query. You can try to broaden your search by using
> less words (or less specific words).

> You can also try the same search on Google.

> Perform another search

Please look into these two things.

Thanks + have a nice weekend,

10) Message boards : Malaria Control : Status update and outlook (Message 12492)
Posted 1069 days ago by AmigaForever
BTW, while you update the components of your new model, could you maybe take a look on the graphics shown in BOINC, too? After the BOINC core changed it does not work since, as described and discussed already here:

Maybe if you can spare some time, it was a nice feature.

I just got a few workunits and found that you already did fix the graphics.


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