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Posted 88 days ago by Warped

You were just winning. Now I am.
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death <death and taxes, the only certain things in life>

4) Message boards : Number crunching : Long Run Times (Message 19324)
Posted 271 days ago by Warped
Over the weekend I had one of the 2953 work units which completed quite quickly (about 30 hours).

I have another one which is going slower and slower and now has no hope of completing within the deadline and will likely go to about 150 hours. Given the likely error, I'm aborting it.

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Posted 275 days ago by Warped


<ready to> eat <with some salt>


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Posted 327 days ago by Warped

William <because I live in Prince William County, Virginia>

Tell <folk hero>

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Posted 364 days ago by Warped
Testing for someone, did my avatar change on your computer ?

I get "Image not available at this time".

8) Message boards : Malaria Control : Status update (Message 18306)
Posted 364 days ago by Warped
Thank you for this update.

It is good to have an insight into what happens to our crunching.
9) Message boards : Getting started : Two Accounts - Combination under BOINC STATS (Message 16894)
Posted 518 days ago by Warped
Also MAKE SURE you are running all projects one each pc to start, then you can stop some of the projects on some of the pc's after Boinc Stats catches up, which may take a couple of days.

That will work.

The problem is that Climate Prediction has been off line for some time (about 10 days), is grossly underfunded and plagued with technical issues, is short of staff and has consequently rarely had any work in the last six months. Sad for a project with such laudable objectives.
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Posted 557 days ago by Warped



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