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1) Message boards : News : Situation on back to normal (Message 17581)
Posted 440 days ago by Profile LTDAkiles
What's going on with this project? No news or update. I don't like to be in the dark, specially crunch in the dark. Admins, modes and scientists need to wake up and give us updates and news. Would motivate us a bit.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Is it normal to have many tasks waiting for validation? (Message 17428)
Posted 458 days ago by Profile LTDAkiles
Is it normal to have any tasks waiting for validation? I have over 400 tasks waiting for validation and it get's longer and longer. I'm new here and don't know if it's just the way project is.

3) Message boards : Team invites : Please join "My efforts against Childhood Cancer" Team! (Message 17330)
Posted 471 days ago by Profile LTDAkiles
Our main idea is try to make the world a better place for our kids.

Team is under year old and we need members to crunch with. Please join our team!

Our main project is World community Grid Childhood cancer With 18 members, but we are Boinc wide team now and crunching other projects as well.

You can see our stats here:

If you want to join

Thank you
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