Names beginning with L

Last updated 22 Apr 2013 13:46:04 UTC

Louis Rivellini ("Born 1931 in Davos Switzerland,( retired) my hobbies: mathematics, physics,...")
LiborA ("My credo is: "We have Earth only borrowed from our posterity, and some time in the future...")
LadySilver ("[size=15]I\'m a 30-year old woman from southern germany. I started running Distributed...")
Lonely ("At 60 something, and then some, I\'ve entered into my second childhood. I enjoy computing...")
LaserLinX ("_x__Macs are LinX to the World__x_")
leylinewalker ("I am a 58 year old former nuclear engineer and computer guru. Currently, I am disabled and...")
Laama1 ("Student for life.")
Lacko-Michalovce ("Hello, my name is Laco. I come from...")

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