Names beginning with O

Last updated 22 Apr 2013 13:46:04 UTC

O&O ("I'm ... over and out!")
OlaV_Ouafouaf ("French computer developer project manager with a particular sensibility about malaria...")
Orakk ("I live on the York Peninsula in South Australia. I like Working in the Woods, Fishing and...")
os2five ("[color=darkblue][size=12][b]Hi there! Live long and prosper![/b][/size][/color]")
Oeko ("I´m a simulation engineer working for BMW Group, Munich (Germany). In my free-time, DC is...")
otaylor ("Currently a full-time student majoring in Music Technology. I\'ve been running BOINC...")
Owner ("Computer Repair tech in Ventura California who uses BOINC to test machines that need to be...")
Oliver Emmler ("This is an attempt for a profile")

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