Names beginning with P

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Paul ("Born and raised in Louisiana, painting contractor. Hobbies are raising our Lakeland...")
PeterHallgarten ("I am an amateur radio operator VK3AVE from from way back when (well 25+ years). I am...")
prairie69 ("Retired physician who recently moved from Kansas City to Middlebury, Vermont, USA. I write...")
Patrick Brige
Payo72 ("I’m 35. I live in Torun/Poland, the city where Copernicus was born. My job is industrial...")
Peisistratos ("Hi, I'm Daniel (born 1986), live in Munich, Germany and I'm studying at the...")
piter01 ("Hallo")
Pascal ("A 38 ans je suis du Canada ma job je m\'occupe de la bonne fonction d\'un bar. je suis...")
Plum ("Hello there! I live in Tokyo near Akihabara. There\'s a japanese TWILIGHT ZONE. I like...")

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