Names beginning with U

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UBT - PennyQ ("Welcome to the profile of UBT - PennyQ, an active participant with the UK BOINC...")
UBT - Rick Horn ("Hi. I`m Rick Horn aged 65 and retired, from Halifax, West Yorkshire, UK My interests...")
UBT - Semmy ("Originally I crunched for CPDN in its pre BOINC days then had a spell with find-a-drug but...")
UBT - bobuk ("Member of The UK BOINC Team. Join us...")
UBT - Janea ("Basically lazy housewife, mother and teaching assistant who prefers to spend her time in...")
UZi ("Ich komme aus der Mitte Deutschlands, dem wunderschönen...")
UBT - The Prof.... ("HI there! I am a train driver from the English midlands, who runs a crunching project for...")
UBT - Dave ("Stone, Staffordshire. Mid to late thirties. Software engineer. Small scale AI robotics.")
Ulrich Ibsch ("Gammgubbe med fru och hundar ")
UBT - Terry ("Hi I\'m a Boinc addict and crunch 24/7 on quite a few projects and i\'m a proud member of...")

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