Names beginning with W

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William ("I\'m 24 work full time for FedEx Ground at there Headquarters. Computers are my hobbies")
Warming ("I am a 18 years old boy from Denmark and love to help others if I can. I am in college and...")
w313g ("Hello, I am Wolfgang Goepfrich. More information of me you will find at...")
Weendigo ("hola me llamo jordi tengo 38 años vivo en l´hospitalet barcelona estoy inscrito en...")
Winny ("Mac user in...")
wickedwinfrey ("Student full time...Education is very important to me :D")
Wabi CZ ("My name is Milos and I live in Brno in Czech Republic. I am the member of the the best...")
WereChild ("Brought into this world in the year of \'74, on a now infamous date. Loves pretty much...")
WBT112 ("I'm between 20 and 30 years old, from the middle of Germany and get paid for...")
wadnatze ("[b]wadnatze, Member of:[/b] Team wadnatze [img][/img]")

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