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[b^s] hugo ayotte ("Im 32 years old, from Montreal, I Love Nature , computer, trip , and for sure my little...")
Raven ("Casino pit boss, computer enthusiast and Science Fiction fan in Vancouver, B.C., Canada.")
tiker ("I\'m a 30 year old who lives in Canada and works full time doing server administration and...")
Mr. Snrub ("On advice from my legal council, I choose to say nothing at this point in...")
[B^S] Doug Worrall ("Hello, I am from Canada,From what I understand, the ravages of this Disease is out of...")
Campion ("44 year old Canadian and a member of Team Picard! Crunching as I have...")
PhilippeCM ("I am a proud member of the very best team... Boinc Synergy!")
Grizz ("[i]I live in Aurora Ontario where I started to crunch the numbers with the original SETI....")
kwsn sir cadcam ("South of Nunavuut")
[AF>Quebec] louchio ("Je suis un infirmier du Québec et je trouve important de me joindre à un programme qui...")

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