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wolfmei ("Hey, i am from ShunDe,foshan,guangdong china。")
Ding_Cong ("I am one of the members of the translation team of [url=][/url]...")
wenmao ("I am one of the members of , the biggest distributed computing information website...")
zglloo ("Welcome all from China xinjiang malan. Welcome Chineses all over the world. Let's keep up...")
xuqingbai ("I am a linguistics student on Modern Chinese theory and have a computer online that has a...")
blovecob ("An engineer from China who cares about others.")
bumblebee ("My name is Zhen Liu,I am from HUST China.")
小一 ("凡是阳光照耀的地方,都有太阳崇拜的存在。")
Dr Ai Rui Sheng ("Born in Wellington, New Zealand but lived in Australia for many years. Now living in...")

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