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compinho ("While my computers are BOINCing I\'m tracking Euro notes. If you live in the eurozone...")
Bymark ("Hello, from Turku Finland.")
Tiikeri ("Sysadmin/Helpdesk from Finland, seen Everything regarding computers since late...")
Jerppuli ("Just funny little boy.")
const ("24 years old guy from Finland. I'm studying software engineering in kymenlaakso...")
Laama1 ("Student for life.")
Ari.N ("Hi! I have been studying and carrying out research for years in the field of simulation...")
HOTLiNE Services ("HOTLiNE Services is few years old service created by 18 years old boy from Helsinki,...")
Jami ("22 year old guy from Finland. Occupation is Computer Technic, working at one big IT service...")
Heikki Lahtela ("Whitestone is an IT company located in Finland. We are willing to put our resources for the...")

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