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Gandalf ("Greetings my dear fellows, Born in the year 967 of the second era here is one that tries...")
pjotrp ("Scientist at Wageningen University - lived in Asia and Africa")
rene ("Partner Triple Value Strategy Consulting ( Work often in Africa")
budhha68 ("[size=14]name=allard, built=1968, occupation=in a home for mentally challenged people,...")
Danny Arends ("Hello, My name is Danny Arends, and I come from Groningen in the north of Holland I...")
Henk de Hen ("Hallo, laat ik zeggen dat ik de 60 al gepasseerd ben, dat geeft me enige ruimte om niet...")
Catweazel ("I was an international truckdriver for over 30 years up till may 2006. Than I got...")
Ludovic Hirlimann ("I'm a french , geek, [url=]photographer[/url]. I've...")
[DPC]Division_Brabant~Witlof ("Crewmember of Dutch Power Cows subteam Division Brabant.")

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