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BOINCin since 10-Apr-2004 (2.28) ~~~ Alpha and Beta tester
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I like the letter K.
I live in Kill Devil Hills, North Karolina USA.
I enjoy Krunchin, Komputers, Kayaking, Kamping, Kahlua, Koffee, Kooking, Kake, Kookies and Knives.

I have been a komputer nut since 1980. I enjoy programming and have worked with many different languages. Before my senior year in high school, I started self-teaching myself machine language on an APF Imagination Machine. This was hand coded, no fancy assembler or compiler like today. The unit had a cassette deck for storage, probably 8K RAM and a 300 baud modem. Plus the processor separated from the keyboard and became a stand alone video game console similar to Atari. I still have a couple in my collection in storage. I learned Basic in high school. I spent many hours playing adventure on a paper printout terminal that connected via an acoustic coupler. Then on to a real world job where I have been ever since. I started just around the time the first IBM PCs and klones came out. I learned how to program on CPM and then DOS and fully understood the internal workings and BIOS. I wrote a lot of specialized programs and was multitasking way before windows came out. I wrote special programs in PASCAL and FOXPRO. I installed a Novell network without any training, again self taught. Our accounting software was able to print purchase orders or invoices to a file and then one of my background tasks would convert the file and fax it to our suppliers or customers, yes I learned how fax encoding work too. Probably took a couple of months hard work to design. Now a days its as simple as installing a fax driver (taking just a few minutes) and printing from any application which I still do today. I do a lot of programming in house for my job. I enjoy the programming part the most but I also must do other things to. Paperwork and billing customers. I have been the shipping and receiving, purchasing and computer operator, maintenance and programmer for Marine Electronics of the Outer Banks since 1997. I now call myself the IT and Logistics Manager. I manage no-one but myself and thats a very difficult job. Since February 2004 I have been setting up and customizing our new accounting system (Counter Point SQL), learning SQL, XML, XSL, HTML and Crystal Reports all while handling my normal workload and keeping our business running.

I designed a website for the local kayak club I belonged to. It needs lots of work but was one of my first HTML projects. Most of it was designed over one weekend. Occasionally I make small improvements and when I find the time will do a major redesign and keep it up to date with my kayaking adventures. Again this was all self-taught. I ended up spending too much time kayakin to finish and improve on it and I have not found a waterproof wireless laptop yet to take with me while paddling. With my navigation knowledge from work I helped produce a paddle trails map covering Roanoke Island.

The last several years I have been successful at growing plants. I grow everything in pots so I can have them outside on the porch in the spring and summer and bring them indoors for the winter so that I may enjoy them year round. I have many Aloe, Oleander Trees, Elephant Ears, Snake Plants, Amaryllis, Air Plants and Alamanda. I have been growing Sweet Basil, Bell and Anaheim Peppers and Grape Tomatoes (all which I eat) all from seeds and have had good luck with my plants reproducing. I am running out of window sills and floor space to keep any more. I decorate the plant pots with different sea-shells I collect while kayaking to remote beaches. Each plant has a different type shell in the pot around the inside rim.

I started with Seti Classic in 1999. 17,059 work units completed. I have been with BOINC since April 2004 (Beta Test ~ version 2.28). I have always had an interest in science and technology so this suits me nicely to be in some way kontributing to our society. I have actually learned some science stuff because of some of the projects.
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This is interesting. From some of my previous reading I understand that Aloe plants can be used as a treatment for Malaria. When I announced to my plants I was going to participate in this project, they seemed to perk up a little. Save the Aloes.
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