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Hello !!
My name is Nicolas and I'm a French school boy.
My preferred matter are mathematics, and physic.
I'm in the team

Science update August 2012
Read about recent adventures in model-fitting, and how your simulation runs were used to analyse which factors were most important to determine the effective lifetime of long-lasting insecticide treated nets. more... 29 Aug 2012 7:59:23 UTC · Comment

Status update Mar-Jul 2012
Read about some of our scientific progress in the first half of 2012. Read more.
28 Aug 2012 13:30:34 UTC · Comment

Branch B update to 6.63
We're planning to update Branch B to application version 6.58. We switched of the generation off workunits for this branch (6.57 and 6.58 are not compatible) until we got all workunits back.

But 'Branch A' and 'openMalaria test version' are still generating new workunits :)
28 Aug 2012 7:42:32 UTC · Comment

Situation on back to normal
The situation on is back to normal. Malariacontrol is generating and sending workunits at a normal rate.

20 Dec 2010 8:40:14 UTC · Comment

The workunits' amount to be validated has decreased... malariacontrol is now generating new workunits (at a slow rate)

To allow the malariacontrol validator to catch up a bit (about 55'000 results are still waiting for validation), malariacontrol will not send new jobs in the next hours.

Edit: After few hours not generating workunits, malariacontrol is now generating new workunits, but at a slow rate.

6 Dec 2010 8:22:38 UTC · Comment

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