Names beginning with R

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RedeyeTw ("First, I want to say Taiwan is an independent country not apart of China (PRC) located at...")
raflo9 ("Je souhaite participer a ce programme car j'ai pu voyager en Afrique et cette terrible...")
Rangi Robinson
Rune P. ("I\'m 20, I\'v been the dude of the day once and I use 2 computers ATM. - it\'s one of my...")
RDC ("I\'m a member of [url=]BOINC Synergy[/url] and currently crunch...")
redsink ("[b]My Name is Stefano Roman.[/b] I was born in Conegliano (TV) - Italy in 1970. I live...")
Robert Forsberg ("This is my profile")
Rincewind ("Ich habe vor einigen Jahren mit Seti@home angefangen, habe dann aber distributed Computing...")
robytorchio ("Roberto Torchio MD Respiratory Pathophysiology")
Reelman ("Age 45, I am Family man disabled due to a accident at work. I am Addicted to collecting old...")

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