Names beginning with R

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Rendo ("Hi, my name is René. I´m member of CzechNationalTeam.")
Robert Mackovik ("Hi, I am 30 years old data warehouse analyst/programmer from Prague. I love football and...")
rene ("Partner Triple Value Strategy Consulting ( Work often in Africa")
Rich Tesarz ("Supervisor of Satellite Operations. ")
Red Atomic ("Hello all, My Name is Red Atomic. I live in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. Calm Chaos if the...")
Randall J. Scalise ("I was born in 1965 in Scranton, PA. I completed my undergraduate work in physics magna cum...")
Rudy Toody ("In my family, it is tradition that the first-born male is given his father's first name,...")
Rickert ("20 year old Computer Science student from the University of Cape Town")
ribeiro ("Brasileiro, moro na Italia.. Administrador de Sistemas Informaticos -...")
robertmiles ("I\'m in northern Alabama and retired. I used to be an electronics engineer specializing in...")

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