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Krunchin-Keith [USA] ("[b]K[/b]aptain of team...")
Keck_Komputers ("I watch people play games for a living (casino supervisor).")
KSMarksPsych ("My name is Kathryn. I am from NE Ohio. I\'m 29 and have been for a couple years...")
[B^S] Dr. Bill Skiba ("I am a dentist from Croton on Hudson, NY, about 30 miles north of NYC. I have a private...")
Benjamin Hunt (KG4ESJ) ("Psst, Im hiding from the mafia.... Anyway, Im involved in as many projects out there as...")
John Greer ("Owner: [b]Business Continuity[/b] Consulting and Software Development...")
wdsmia (".")
nubz ("I'm a dog. I have no tail. I like Spam.")
[B^S] Molzahn ("Hi, I am a BOINC enthusiast and college student from the Twin Cities. If you truly wish...")
Skeptic ("[i]"I loved this country and I felt at home and where a man feels at home, outside of where...")

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