Names beginning with D

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Dagorath ("Keep crunching!")
dapoohda ("I have been BOINCing for awhile.")
Dave Lamp ("A colonel in the Air Force, I'm involved in web-based command and control issues working at...")
David Saum ("I am a physicist from the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. I live near Washington, DC at...")
dutter ("Hi, my name is David Utter, and I'm a staff writer with I'm glad I can help...")
DistroMan ("I\'m from Sydney, Australia, 50 something and am a retired computer consultant. I love my...")
Diablo ("I live in Canberra, Australia with my wife and 2 young sons. I work in IT across a few...")
DocH ("44 yr old Male who spent much of his teen years in West Africa and Pakistan while His MD...")
diclo ("Hallo. Mein Name ist Stefan und komme aus der Nähe von Köln in Deutschland. Ich rechne...")
DrBob ("God bless the United States of America")

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