Names beginning with D

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Dragon 1 ("I´m 29 years old and i´m a technicle person. I like different kind of sports. I come from...")
dcolhoun ("From Zimbabwe - 38 work in IT and currently living in Dubai")
David Galea ("Hello, my name is David and I am a project Manager at the University of Melbourne in...")
Dima ("i am from Russia, 24 years old, i like to learn languages, love asian girls very much. also...")
deanm ("I\'m a software engineer who likes giving my spare PC time to useful projects.")
Dr Ai Rui Sheng ("Born in Wellington, New Zealand but lived in Australia for many years. Now living in...")
Drew1565 ("I will post something when I have time.")
Dune Finkleberry ("You already know all you need to know.")
dammracing ("[img][/img]")
Daniel Michel ("I\'ve been BOINCing for 4 years...I started crunching this project as a memorial to my...")

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