Names beginning with D

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Danny Arends ("Hello, My name is Danny Arends, and I come from Groningen in the north of Holland I...")
dryella ("making a better tomorrow")
Diego Aliprandi [Lombardia] ("Hi, my name is Diego Aliprandi, I am an Electronic Engeneer involved in the machine vision...")
Davide Vimercati[Lombardia] ("I'm an italian boinc runner!")
Denis Lee ("Male 63 Justice of the Peace Ontario Court of Justice, Canada married, content, have a...")
Dude ("Hey, ich bin Thomas alias Dude: Member of...")
David C! ("American, but citizen of the world. Have lived a great life of flying planes, traveling,...")
Dirk Broer ("I'm a 52-year old Lotus Notus...")
DukeBox ("One of the stats builders for DutchPowerCows,")
devildan ("Middle Aged, Punk Rockin', Ex U.S. Sailor with a knack for science and a love for fighting.")

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