Names beginning with S

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Sysop ("Hi, I am the System Operator (not Operating System ;-)). Currently I am living a small town...")
silent Float ("^^ ^^^ ^^^^^")
scott safford* ("im a xmarine/construction worker with a bad computer addiction")
StopSocialExclusion ("Hello, my name is Rolfcopter. Ok, that's not my real name, my real name is Victor (bleep),...")
spiro ("hello world, greetz from BOINC@Poland :)")
ScorpionX ("System Administrator 25 years old I love computers.")
Skywalker ("I am 42, live in Rhode Island, USA with my wife and 4 kids. Self Employed as a IT Field...")
Sir Stooper ("In a distant a faraway land, there lies a forest steeped with history. Deep within this...")

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