Names beginning with S

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Stefan ("Hi, my name is Stefan ...")
Silver Surfer ("[b]Hi! I\'m Paul Gant, aged 60, married and have 1 daughter. Born in Taupo, NZ but now...")
skgiven (" ICT Consultant")
Steve ("I was born in the UK. I emigrated to the US. I now live in California. ")
Shabbir and Fatema Hassanally ("Take a look at my...")
Searching to find the meaning of life, yet I was lost. Then God touched my heart + soul and showed me He loved me so deeply as to lay down His life for me. Yahweh is Love, Jesus proves it. Dios es amor ("When the LORD saw how great was man\'s wickedness on earth, his heart was grieved. But...")
Slunecnice DC ("Slunecnice DC = Slunečnice o.s., Děčín, Czech Republic Non-profit, non-government...")
sguazt ("I am a PhD student in computer science. I play bass guitar, I love blues and rock music.")
seeco ("Sometimes can be PC useful even when I don´t use it. This is how I contribute with...")

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