Names beginning with S

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Steve @ SETI.USA ("Be sure to visit [url=][/url] and join our community!...")
scorch ("I\'m a swedish student about 20 years old and currently studying computer science for five...")
Swordfish ("I am a proud member of the best group anywhere – Seti.USA!!! I have been crunching for many...")
Sirius B ("Hi Folks I\'m a local systems builder from Peterborough, England. I try to get boinc...")
Sysadm@Nbg ("[i]cogito ergo sum[/i] sagt mein Computer, und damit er was zu denken hat crunche ich - a...")
Stan ("Live in the NE of Scotland.")
skildude ("I run because I hate bugs. I run in my sleep. when I ride my bike, pretty much always. ...")
Szopler ("[img][/img] My name is...")
SubaruSVX ("AUsome")
Sam Gonce ("I am a forty-something father of 2 children (1 girl and 1 boy) and a member of Team...")

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