Names beginning with A

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ansuz ("Hi all. I just don`t like when CPU`s power is wasted. And i find solution.")
Anubis ("Hi, my name is Anubis. I´am 22yrs old man from Ústí nad Labem - town on the north of...")
Al Dente ("Proud to be a raving loonie from Yorkshire, helping [b][size=18][color=blue]The Knights Who...")
azazul ("I am a college student at Angelo State University in San Angelo, Texas. I currently have a...")
Alpha ("I�m 42 Years old - come for Germany - my Hobby�s are my Family, Computer and Boinc")
Alicante ("hello! i am 47 old and i am an accountant and live in Perpignan in north catalonia. french...")
africa ("xxx")
Ari.N ("Hi! I have been studying and carrying out research for years in the field of simulation...")
Andreas ("Swiss living in Paris, work as manager in the food industry and, obviously, got some spare...")
acw97 ("I'm long time diver from Finland and I like to do plastic models. At work.. engineering...")

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