Names beginning with A

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Andre Keller ("I\'m working as a systemtechnician and unix administrator in a small swiss it company. I...")
Ardruin ("Hallo, mein Name ist Markus. Ich bin 22 Jahre alt und komme aus Deutschland. Neben...")
arborman ("Hi, I´m George from Czech Republic. I`m 25 years old. ")
Alain RENARD ("Je suis un ingénieur chimiste retraité (61 ans) vivant à Meyzieu, France. Je suis membre...")
Alexandra ("Hallo. Mein Name ist Alexandra und ich bin 29 Jahre alt. Ich lebe in Duisburg und arbeite...")
asylum7830 ("Mom of 4 in Lykens, PA. My Dad and sister served in the Navy.")
Administrator (" ANGER The subject of anger has been addressed at length by the great men of...")
ArGo ("53 yr old ex computer tech trying to help as many people as possible. Running two comps a...")
Alexandr Burnashev ("Hi! I was born 1978, and live in Kharkiv, Ukraine. One of my interests is to build...")

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