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Alessandro Maitre [E.R.] ("Hi to all! I'm Alessandro,a member of Boinc.Italy Team! I'm an Italian student who want...")
arctic light ("Hi, my name ist Michael, I'm a proud member of SETI.Germany and the 2nd Wave! :-) I like...")
Astur ("Hola, soy Astur creador del equipo Asturias-Team el mejor equipo Asturiano de la red Boinc,...")
AstroCruncher ("안녕하세요^^ Hello, everyone! I'm a student from Korea. I'm interested on Astronomy,...")
Andrea Rovetta ("Hello. I'm from Italy. Wanna read more about me? Take a look at my blog:...")
atom ("Australian researcher/manager working at the Universty of Melbourne, with interests in GIS...")
AgiraStudio ("[url=]I'm a Web-Designer / Graphic-Designer from the...")
Arthur Zennig ("I am a Brazilian, trying to help with the control of this tropic desiese. Also helping...")
Alain E ("I'm 53 years old, working in the Bordeaux University.")

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