Names beginning with A

Last updated 22 Apr 2013 13:46:04 UTC

AL ADIM ("BOINC@Poland 4...")
Ananas ("Somewhat oldish (1958 built) C programmer and database developer with quite some experience...")
Amiloz ("Rapide, pas cher, bien fait : n\'en choisissez que deux. Always listen to the experts;...")
anarchic teapot ("Fine. I am an accountant, I live in France, I love computers and this is definitely one way...")
Al ("Team in a team :-)")
aLGee ("About myself: My name is Lars Gruenheid, I am born Oct 16, 1982. I am living in Germany...")
arminius ("I am a 31 years old claims manager, working in a life insurance company in germany. I...")
ahleong ("I like this project")
Andreas38871 ("Mein Name ist Andreas, ich komme aus Deutschland,aus einem kleinen Städtchen am Nordharz....")
azor666 ("IDKFA")

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