Names beginning with B

Last updated 24 Mar 2013 13:45:05 UTC

Bill ("I am a 60 year old Techie that has been working for the same high tech service company...")
Bruno Ramone ("[b]Cześć boincomaniacy ![/b] w projektach rozprosznych jestem od 2000 roku,...")
Bad2daBone ("...")
BigBrownBear ("喂! I’m a `fire sheep’ computer technician whom loves to take ancient old computers...")
boincwoman ("Proud member of BOINC@Denmark")
Bymark ("Hello, from Turku Finland.")
Bernd@home ("My name is Bernd and I'm 61 years old. I'm a member of SETI.Germany since 2001. I live in...")
BusyBEE ("I'm a Sr. Software consultant in web development arena. I've been serving Boinc projects...")
beruberu ("hmmm ... gibt nicht viel zu erz�hlen denke ich ... bin weiblich, 1986er jahrgang, komme...")

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