Names beginning with B

Last updated 24 Mar 2013 13:45:05 UTC

bumblebee ("My name is Zhen Liu,I am from HUST China.")
Benny (""Wer die Freiheit aufgibt, um Sicherheit zu gewinnen, wird am Ende beides verlieren."...")
Brian ("I\'m Brian and I live in Scotland. I have lung disease which has meant I have retired...")
Blurf ("Tech Support Agent for a Dialup/High-Speed ISP in Upstate NY. Married. Have 2 King...")
BAR VICTOR de Madrid ("Gracias a todos los que aportan su grano de arena, para conseguir un bien comĂșn.")
Bonez[SPEG] ("im 46 Years old living near Dusseldorf in Germany ")
biancaw ("I haven't failed. I've found ten thousand ways that don't work. (Benjamin Franklin)")
blackheeler [TeaM] ("BOINCing on the west coast of Australia for Aussie Alliance.")

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