Names beginning with B

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Brian ("Lansing, Michigan, USA Network Technician A God given wife, 7 children, 2 cats, and a...")
Buck Batard ("I'm 53 years of age, Buck Batard is a pseudoname for a blog I write at although my name is...")
BerndBrot ("Member of [url=][color=red]SPEG[/color][/url]...")
Bernd Milmert
Burger ("Hello, I am a physicist from Germany, greetings to all contributors. In God we...")
Borisov ("[url=]Borisov[/url], Member of Seti@Germany...")
Bobi Chips ("Dreamer & Workaholic Spending spare time for Health, Knowledge and Happiness on energy...")
Bouke J. Henstra ("Hallo. Bedankt dat je mijn profiel bekijkt. Ik ben Bouke J. Henstra. Ik ben Field Service...")
bundaboy ("Greetings from Prague, Czech Republic! :) [URL][/URL]")
Bob ("I own and run and have been part of the distributed computing community for...")

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