Names beginning with B

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budhha68 ("[size=14]name=allard, built=1968, occupation=in a home for mentally challenged people,...")
Bruce Geisert ("International IT Consultant for Non-Profits and Foundations in Web 2.0 Health and Education...")
BrotherBard ("I am the author of [url=]BOINCMenubar 2[/url], an alternative...")
Bruno Moretti IK2WQA ("SETI@home since May 15, 1999. Scientific Director of [b]Accademia dei Cricetei,[/b] founder...")
Bjorn Johansson ("Hi there. My name is Björn Johansson, I'm from Sweden and I was born in 1979. Parts...")
Biosphere ("CNT / Ceske Budejovice [1978] Mam rad spontalnost, kosmos, dark ambient, prekvapeni ......")
Bozzolo63 ("Hi to all! I'm Antonio, member of the BOINC.Italy team I'm doing the best that I can to...")
Bernd Vogler ("Mahlzeit, Mein Name ist Bernd, lebe in Kronach (Oberfranken), bin 1977 geboren und mag...")
brinktastee ("Just a humble cruncher from Minnesota. giggidy giggidy goo.")

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