Names beginning with C

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CarDiaC ("Hi I am CarDiaC aka les wilkinson 48 yrs young and from the UK Well obviously...")
ChaseCrewDad ("I am a 40-something old father of 8 (6 boys and 2 girl) from Ohio, USA. I am the VP of...") ("Linux administrator/PHP coder/freelancer ")
choen ("computer networking, personal computers and photography")
Caesar ("The first thing you have to know about me is that I\'m a writer. Specifically, I enjoy...")
Craig Marsh ("I work on a station in the rivarina,NSW Australia stumbled across Boinc by accident thought...")
ChaninS ("Thailand, 30 years old.")
cafeholique ("I am a curious, warmhearted person with a wicked sense of humour. I love to debate but hate...")
ChertseyAl ("Retired from hi-tech digital TV consultancy, now freelance 'Jack of all trades'. Collect...")
Claudio Porcellana ("I come from Italy, my age is 53, I\'m an english to italian technical-scientific translator...")

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