Names beginning with C

Last updated 24 Mar 2013 13:45:05 UTC

Cube ("Fondatore del team BOINC@Marche, lavoro come tecnico in un\'azienda. Amo la lettura ed in...")
Crazybob @ SETI.USA ("46, married with 2 sons, 21 and 25. Like sci-fi, Astronomy and other outdoor activities.")
CB ("I\'m just one person trying to help others. To be able to help those in need, and choosing...")
cyril17 ("For a better world...")
Chip Burkitt ("I\'m from Saint Paul, MN. I was born when Eisenhower was president.")
Cebion ("Hi, many greetings from the expo-town. I\'m interested in all things ... so I decided to...")
cbibbs ("Seriously, why would anyone be reading this?")
christian ("Hello, born at Boma (RDC), living in Belgium.")
CrossingChicken ("I\'m a final year college student who has her computer on most of the time for project...")

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