Names beginning with C

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caspr ("well, I\'m a retired truck driver of 20+Yrs from the middle of the United States. I enjoy...")
Caedis ("“I can not plead innocency of life, especially of my youth. But I am to be judged by a...")
C-Pool GIUB ("Computer Pool of the geographical institute, University of Bonn /germany ")
chap ("I miss my old pal....")
Christopher Lee ("I'm an analytical chemist. I used to work in the pharmaceutical industry and just before...")
C.S.Ignacio.Oviedo ("Colegio San Ignacio. Jesuitas. Oviedo. Spain.")
cRunchy ("From sunny Birmingham in the UK. Crunching alongside the good folks in "The Final Front...")
Craig Mathieson ("No one special.")

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