Names beginning with C

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Christopher Herr ("Hi everyone, i am a 30+ year old guy living near Stuttgart, Germany. Hopefully my studies...")
Cyfron ("Crunching with Boinc@Poland! Licze z Boinc@Poland!")
chaozdad ("Mein Name ist Volker, bin 51 Jahre und Über 30 jahren mit meiner Frau zusammen. Ich lebe...")
Carlzar ("Dutch Power Cows member.")
cang ("A Turkish guy who works on computer for most of the time.")
Corie Schweitzer ("I hail from Reading, Pennsylvania originally, but I now divide my time between Reading,...")
chad ("34 year old IT professional and organic farmer living in southern Iowa, US.")
Cybersleauth ("My name is Mark Ziegler. I'm from Livonia Mi which is near Detroit. I am 55 years old and I...")

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