Names beginning with M

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maire ("I joined the Biostatistics and Computational Sciences Unit (former Biostatistics and Basic...")
MadMan ("My name is Damian. I am participating in many BOINC projects")
MasterZocker ("Hi, I am Wolfgang From Munich, Germany. I am the proud founder of the team CONRAD-HOTEL de...")
M1.LaN ("[b][size=10][color=red]I need some mosquito to kill…[/color]Im Member of...")
Misfit ("[b]\"No good deed goes unpunished!\"™[/b]...")
Mr. Snrub ("On advice from my legal council, I choose to say nothing at this point in...")
Martin Burall ("I love to Ski and play Volleyball. Go Terps, Orioles,Redskins and Wizards. Join BOINC...")
m.mitch ("I'm Australian and a BOINC@AUSTRALIA Team Recruitment Officer, I started my working life as...")
Michael H.W. Weber ("I am a german chemist currently working on RNA-related topics at the pharmaceutical...")
MikeX ("A proud member of the BOINC Synergy team, I started crunching in April 2005, and I now...")

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