Names beginning with M

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mophead ("we are children of veebee. He (Dad that is..) said that we could use this computer provided...")
maurice ("I\'m swiss and live near Zurich. I love to Snowboard in Graub√ľnden or Hoch-Ybrig. Used to...")
Motoko Kusanagi
Mister Saver ("Im from Canada,Quebec and i am 14 years old.I saw this program on tv and it made me Think...")
myself ("i'm an [b]IT[/b] guy from Czech Republic [b]IT[/b] is my hobby and my job for living - so...")
Manuel Campilho ("Hi, My name is Manuel Campilho. I\'m 42 years old, married, two children (a girl 14, and a...")
Martin ("I\'m living in India (Goa) but my home is London, UK. I\'m an ex-computer professional that...")

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