Names beginning with M

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Meise ("Hey, my name is Daniel, I was born in 1988, and I\'m from east-west germany. I am...")
mj ("i\'m an iranian student in mechanical eng. i am 22 and i like to marry with an american...")
Malli ("Iam a Science Teacher and interested in Research......")
Morcaozola ("I\'ve suffered from malaria long time ago, but on those days it was easy to be quick and...")
msirois ("Canadian born permanent resident in U.S.. Thought I would join up with you guys and...")
muffnrob ("I'm from Jabiru in the Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory Australia I'm 69 yrs...")
mataal ("Live in Bangalore, India. Work in IT. Interests range from reading fantasy novels to soccer...")
micha ("Computerversessen seit 28 Jahren.")
MW-Internet ("MW-Internet ist ein größerer Internet-Webhostingprovider in Deutschland und stellt freie...")
michael-u5a1 ("Ich heisse Michael, bin 1964 in Hranice in Maehren in der Tschchischen Republik geboren,...")

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